Viking Design Works is a small independent business that was founded in early 2015 in Buffalo, NY by President and Lead Designer Erik Voelkle, and run with the help of family and friends. Erik brings over 13 years of Industrial Design and 3D Printing expertise, as well as 6 years of competition-level R/C racing.

By marrying two passions: Product Design and R/C racing, Viking Design Works was born. What started as making parts simply for fun and a new challenge, has turned into a quest to create high performance solutions for R/C racing. Other forms of racing such as Time Attack and Rally have become major influences.

Our mission is to provide you with exceptional, innovative, and creative products never before seen in R/C racing for various platforms using 3D Printing Technology— pushing the boundaries of engineering. We want to give YOU the competitive edge over the next guy, and make your racing experience much more enjoyable whether you are competing at the highest levels, or just club racing your buddies at your home track. Hey, we are racers, too. We understand how critical getting that competitive edge is.

Viking Design Works believes it is important to make all parts in-house, one-by-one to ensure quality and craftsmanship. We think this is important, and hope you appreciate that as well. Your satisfaction is what we are striving for.